Our commitment to you

Many growers opt for massive warehouses or giant fields cluttered with plants. Our team at RIVERSIDE GARDENS believes growing exceptional marijuana takes a personal touch.  Coastal grown in Raymond, WA, we cultivate our flowers with care in a pristine facility using meticulously selected nutrients and innovative technology.  Our passion produces incredible results.  Experience the difference.

First crop

Things are looking good and things are starting to settle down with all our rooms in flower.  I’ll be giving you guys a closer look at our flower rooms as the weeks go on, but real quick, check out these buds.  They still have a few weeks left.img_20161116_164605


LCB has inspected the rest of our facility and we eagerly await approval for the rest of our growing areas.  Here is an update on our plants.

Here we have a few of our mothers:  Martian Kush, OG Kush and Buddha Tahoe OG. These ladies produce strong cuttings and phenomenal flowers.  I can’t wait to walk into a flower room full of them. That sweet smell just assaults your face.  More updates on our little ladies later today. Stay tuned!

Our Commitment to Small Batch Grows

Now that legalization is in full swing, our team has noticed an alarming trend in recreational cannabis.  Large scale grows are producing easily grown commercial strains.  At Riverside Gardens, we firmly reject this trend.  Cannabis, properly cultivated, is grown with love and care.  Every hand that touches a plant does so with purpose and intent. We want to deliver you the finest there is.  We are not weeded to the fastest or most disease resistant plants, we are committed to bringing you the finest of smoking experiences.  Our facility design allows us to use  a 1 room, 1 grower stragety.  Each grower hand picks his plants and nutrients and carefully cultivates his favorite strains for you.  5